Pathways Magazine Book Review: Lunar Abundance

Originally published in the Fall 2018 issue of Pathways Magazine.

Anyone who’s ever had a child knows that young children do not understand the concept of time, at all. As a mother of five, I got used to describing future events to my children in terms of “sleeps” and seasons, and even then it was difficult to talk to them about something that was a long way away from happening. This is because like so many other things in our world, time is an illusion.

The modern world was born to the ticking of the very first clock but before then, farmers, seamen, healers, and everyone else in the ancient world measured the passing of the days according to natural events. The sun rose and set, the four seasons and their midpoints came and went, the moon waxed and waned, and through it all, people planted and harvested, navigated ships, and delivered babies with no need for fancy tracking systems. The ancients knew exactly what they were doing when they lived and planned their lives in harmony with nature’s cycles.

Unfortunately, the Gregorian calendar that we use today takes us further away from Mother Earth’s quiet rhythms and disconnects us from our authentic ways of being. As an astrologer, I’m always looking for ways to heal this split between nature and modern life, so I’m magnetically attracted to advice about how to live in better alignment with the natural cycles. When I picked up Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer I was full of anticipation, as there aren’t enough books written about how the moon can be harnessed to this effect. As it turns out, this title is a little different than I expected, but a pleasant surprise to say the least.

Spencer sums up her book as “a practice that will help you cultivate peace, self-knowledge, effectiveness, stability, trust, and flow by following the moon cycle in a very safe, contained and gently transformative process.” I’d like to add something that wasn’t clear to me from the outset however: it’s not an astrology book! I repeat, Lunar Abundance is not an astrology book. If astrology intimidates you, this is your cue to dive in because the lack of astrological jargon is exactly why I wrote this review. By leaving astrology out of the mix, Spencer gains access to a wider audience because let’s face it, while I love my astrology, to most people it sounds a lot like “goobbledegook in the sign of Jabberwocky.” My husband makes fun of me about this all the time. So if the idea of using astrology, without really using astrology, to build a spiritual practice and enrich your life appeals to you, read on my friend.

With full-page color photos and quotes throughout, Lunar Abundance looks gorgeous, modern, and fresh. Pinterest and Instagram lovers will be right at home. Beautiful prose and engaging content also make this volume a pleasure to read. Spencer doesn’t just drop the information down on your head like a bag of bricks, she lays it out gently with stories and personal anecdotes, followed by questions for journaling to help you ground in the material. There’s also a natural flow to the order, which makes sense because the book follows the faces of la luna as she goes from new to full and back again.

Each of the lunar phases are covered in full detail of course, beginning with snapshot overviews and followed by chapter-length deep dives. For example, many people don’t realize that there’s a completely different energy between the left-facing crescent moon and the right-facing. One is more of a build up, while the other is more of a release. Using such knowledge, readers learn the power of planting the metaphorical seeds of new moon intentions, nourishing those ideas as the moon waxes, harvesting the spoils at the full moon, and winding it all down as the moon goes dark just before another round. Spencer writes, “In the Lunar Abundance practice, you are learning how to make things look “magical” on the surface…You are co-creating, continuing to take effective action to bring your intention into form and to shape your dream life.”

And that’s the thing about Lunar Abundance. There’s a natural association here between the fullness of the moon and the richness of what living in true abundance really is. Abundance isn’t just about money, it’s about cultivating a life of enoughness: one where you feel nourished and know that there is enough to go around again and again. In our fast-paced society, there are times when we need to go, and times when we need to stay. There’s a rhythm and an order, an ebb and flow that must be practiced and observed both for our own well-being and for the benefit of the natural world around us. This is too easily forgotten when we surrender by default to the hectic pace of daily life. It’s a good thing we have such a persistent reminders. With Ezzie Spencer’s wise guidance, all that’s really left to do is look up.

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