Pathways Magazine Book Review: Empath Empowerment in 30 Days

Originally published in the Spring 2019 issue of Pathways Magazine.

While Daniel Goldman made the greater world aware of the power of Emotional Intelligence, the metaphysically savvy have been alchemizing the emotional field for longer than we can properly account for. From master teachers such as Cyndi Dale and Judith Orloff, we have learned that empathy goes much further than simply being able to identify specific feelings and mirror body language.

Empathy is the ability to energetically share what another person is experiencing. But therein lies the problem: unskilled empaths have the tendency to enmesh themselves in other people’s consciousness, twisting their emotions together and leading lives that are not their own as a result. You’d be surprised of the havoc unchecked emotional entanglement can wreak: everything from people pleasing to generalized anxiety. As Dr. Synthia Andrews writes in The Path of Emotions, “emotions command our life force and direct our choices.”

It is crucial then that not only the one in twenty people born as empaths learn to flex their emotionally intuitive gifts at will and with skill, but that everyone with feelings who wishes to live a wholesome life do the same. Rose Rosetree’s Empath Empowerment in 30 Days will help.

Rosetree’s book gives you the medicine straight, no chaser. It delves right into the main course with a parable of dinner party participants. She uses character sketches and fictional anecdotes to illustrate what unskilled empathy looks like and how it might affect a person, and then goes on to sort through the different energies of the party attendees.

While it’s nice to skip the fluff that so many authors pad their books with, I would have liked to read more of an introduction to the work, particularly the lens Rosetree uses to approach her material. From the outset, the reader doesn’t know if she’s an energy healer or an intuitive.

Did she struggle with codependency as a child and go through a difficult adolescence and early adulthood before she learned to master the power of empathy? Details such as this set the foundation for what’s to come and while some things become apparent later in the reading, I found it more difficult to initially sink into the material.

From page three on, it’s a 30-day jaunt to the other side where you’ll hopefully exit as The Most Important Person in the Room. That’s Rosetree's way of describing the transformation from being emotionally dependent on others for your well-being, to being emotionally empowered and independent.

The book exercises range from making simple observations about your own awareness, to taking a sarcasm fast (a difficult one for me, admittedly). The emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aha’s you’ll experience as a result will be eye opening at minimum, and life-changing if you do the work.

Lighthearted, humorous, and practical, Empath Empowerment in 30 days is at times a bit too clever for it’s own good. Some jokes went a little over my head and I found myself confused by its pithiness more than I was amused, but the teachings are solid and grounded. Rosetree is a skilled teacher and it shows. She promises empathic empowerment in just ten minutes a day and delivers. This is a solid contribution to the growing knowledge-bank of emotional know-how.

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