The principle of Melissa’s Feick book,*A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records* is simple: you’re living in an illusion, and your soul’s goal is to transcend that illusion so that you can escape the wheel of karma and fully experience your own divinity: a happier life, nurturing relationships, optimal health, etc.

Spencer sums up her book as “a practice that will help you cultivate peace, self-knowledge, effectiveness, stability, trust, and flow by following the moon cycle in a very safe, contained and gently transformative process.” I’d like to add something that wasn’t clear to me from the outset however: it’s not an astrology book!

Learning to read the signs around you is one of the most accessible ways to tap into your intuition and have a direct dialogue with the universe. In Sacred Signs & Symbols: Awaken to the Messages and Synchronicities that Surround You, Sherri Dillard shows us how to recognize and decipher the smoke signals the universe is putting out.