Personal Growth & Spirituality Writer

I’m on a determined journey to live out my fullest potential.
“Each person bears a uniqueness that asks to be lived and that is already present before it can be lived.”
— James Hillman

I live according to The Acorn Theory–this idea of James Hillman’s that we each have a blueprint leading us toward a destiny that exists from the moment we’re born–before we’re born, actually. In other words, you have a certain purpose in life, but like an acorn you grow into it.

Walking your individual path is not easy and I created an entire business based on the best practices of how to do it, but this website is my example of what it looks like on a personal level to make that journey. It’s my demonstration of what it means to know your purpose, and try your best to live it despite your doubts and fears. Taking the red pill is scary, messy, and hard as hell, but as Caroline Myss once said:

“If you believe that your life has a spiritual purpose then you have to make that the center of everything. How can that belief not take charge of your entire life? Everything else in your life should become a servant or a means to finding and living that one truth.”

So it’s my intention to share everything I can to help you make your own journey easier.

A Few Personal Tidbits About Me

I’m one of the most atypical people you’ll ever meet. I love wearing dresses and cute shoes, and I’m heavily into DIY home improvement. I love Playstation, and Nintendo, and Xbox, and I’m a mom of five awesome kids who don’t think it’s weird at all that I play video games as much as they do. I’m an awesome baker, love geeking out with tech, and I have an obsession with paranormal fantasy. In other words, I’m an ubër geeky mom with a renaissance soul and a romantic heart.