What It Really Means to “Invest In Yourself”

Guillermo Moratalla Rodríguez
Guillermo Moratalla Rodríguez

Spiritual people say this a lot: “invest in yourself, invest in yourself.” But what does it really mean to do that? I used to think they all just wanted my money. Turns out though, it really does have significant meaning. Here’s what I think: The amount of money, time, etc that you’re willing to invest in yourself is proportionately related to your personal sense of self-worth.

The amount of money you’re willing to invest in yourself is directly related to your self-value.

This can be personally-related, such as if you’re buying a new purse. And it can be business-related, (your business is an extension of yourself) like if you’re hiring a coach. What you’re willing to do to get to where you want to be, includes the amount of money that you’re willing to spend. You can come up with every excuse in the book for why you don’t have the money. But if you’re really honest with yourself, you can trace that back to the exact same root-cause: your own personal sense of self-worth.

Every time you invest a dollar or not, you’re answering the question: “What am I worth?”

Are you worth that $1000 Louis Vuitton in the window display? Of course you are! But what do you tell yourself? “I can’t afford that.” “That costs way too much!” You may think you’re making this about the bag, but what you’re really saying is ”I’m not worth the price.”

This is something that I learned from Angella Johnson: If you were to instead say, “I choose not to invest in that right now,” you would be creating a mental shift on two different levels:

1) You’re asserting your free will, one of our most powerful qualities as human beings. By saying “I choose,” you are separating yourself from the situation. You’re acknowledging that you have the power of choice, by recognizing the simple fact that there is a choice to be made in the first place. If you kept it simply as “I can’t afford it.” There’s no choice in the matter! You’ve already made the choice and you’ve given away your inner power.

2) Using the word “invest” cultivates a mindset of abundance, as opposed to one of lack. When you say the word spend, it silently implies that the energy goes away and doesn’t come back. It dissipates into the ether. But when you say invest, it has a different energy to it doesn’t it? We invest our money into stocks and bonds and real estate and other things with the belief, and here’s the keyword: intention, that it will come back to us in some beneficial form. Investments imply value: value in what you put the time or money into. So the word investment serves two purposes, it creates a more abundant mindset, and it informs the value that you place on yourself.

“Ok Nicole, I get what you’re saying, make my inner dialogue be about my choice to do or not do things and use words with a more abundant slant, like invest. Makes sense. But what about when I don’t want to buy something because it’s just too expensive?”

I’m so glad you asked that dear reader! I believe that if you genuinely don’t want to buy something, you won’t even look at the price tag. You’ll see the object, course, vacation, in question, acknowledge that it exists, and then you’ll keep it moving. But if you look at the price, desire created that trigger to make you consider buying it. You’re interested! This is why so many marketers give you the long story about how good their course is or their ebook is or their whatever. They want you to read about all the little details and get you salivating and thinking that this thing that they’re selling is in fact going to benefit you. They hide the price way down the page. They want you to want it before you see the price becauese they know if you see the price first, you may talk yourself out of it. They can’t improve your self-worth in one-page sales letter, so they appeal to your sense of desire instead.

So what do you think it tells you when the first thing you do is scroll directly to the price? I’ll tell you what it tells me: at the exact moment that you decide you want something, your mind starts a self-evaluation process. It begins a flip flop of “what-ifs” and “I wonders”. You looking at that price tag at any point in time, but especially before you even decide if you want something, sets off a self-evaluatory cycle that ends in you asking yourself internally: “Am I worth it?” And that’s what you’re really basing your decision off of.

If you find yourself going “I’d never buy that, it costs too much.” The mere fact that you’re thinking about it means that there is a part of you that does in fact want it, and you are attempting to take yourself out of the equation by shifting the responsibility to the price, instead of on yourself. If what’s really going on inside of your head is that you really want this thing, but it’s too expensive, you use the price as an excuse to take the focus off of the fact that you really do in fact want it. And where does that leave us? Right back to how much we value ourselves: how much we’re willing to invest in ourselves.

Again, the solution here is to make it about the choice and the investment. Acknowledge the fact that you do want what you want. Then decide if you’re going to get it. If it’s more than you care to spend at that particular moment in time, then decide not to get it. Whether you have the money in your bank account or not is beside the point. We still have the choice, whether it’s to save up for it or charge it or outright buy it, there’s always a choice and recognizing that you do always have a choice is part of the mindset shift that we’re working to achieve here. You always have a choice, and it’s crucial to assert that power to yourself.

Now, what have you been thinking about investing in lately that you’ve talked yourself out of because it’s “too expensive?” Make a new intention for that and jump in with both feet. The Universe will support your intention if you put your heart and soul behind it. My big investment this year was an intuitive business coaching program. I had no idea where I was going to get the money to pay for it, but you know what? I chose to make that investment because I believe in myself, and then I signed up. I’ve been putting my intentions and work behind it, and putting my whole self into it and guess what? The money is starting to show up too. Make your choice, invest in yourself and support who you really are. You’re totally worth it!

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  1. mary says

    Really enjoyed reading this…you went beyond the usual on this popular topic and answered questions that popped up for me. What you pointed out about going straight to the price tag is something I have done for a long time. Lots of food for thought here.

    • says

      Thank you Mary! I’m glad I was able to get you thinking. In my experience that’s a new perspective creeping in to shake things up in your existing schema and that’s how the shifts happen :)

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