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I’m a soul astrologer and intuitive life coach. But really? I'm a life alchemist. My work is all about helping people wake up to their true potential. Because feeling insanely happy and fulfilled is a beautiful thing.

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The Shadow Side of Language

In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare wrote, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” In a few short words, he managed to both magnify the power of language, and diminish it at the same time. That’s quite a feat. And this eloquent phrase is exactly what came to my mind on Easter Sunday when Oprah had … [Read More...]

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Why You Should View Everyone as Having a Spiritual Purpose

Being on a spiritual path has nothing to do with shedding your ego, mastering the law of cause and effect (the law of attraction) or getting up on a podium and preaching your truth to whoever is around to listen. I really got started thinking about this when listening to my man Robert Ohotto. He did a show back in January 2014 where he talked about … [Read More...]

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Why you don’t need to learn how to manifest.

Because as Robert Ohotto says, "We don't manifest anything, we align with the flow of truth." I was listening to Robert Ohotto today and wow, this spoke so loudly to me. I've been feeling so ungrounded lately. For me that equals escapism. One of the reasons why I listen to/read spiritual material on a daily basis is because it keeps me grounded … [Read More...]

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What It Really Means to “Invest In Yourself”

Spiritual people say this a lot: “invest in yourself, invest in yourself.” But what does it really mean to do that? I used to think they all just wanted my money. Turns out though, it really does have significant meaning. Here's what I think: The amount of money, time, etc that you're willing to invest in yourself is proportionately related to your … [Read More...]


Have You Turned Off Your Humanity Switch?

I love TV and movies because I’m such a visual person. I have so much fun picking out the metaphors in them and applying them to my spiritual lessons. Vampire Diaries has one such metaphor that I simply adore. It’s based on the idea that in their world, when you become a vampire, you’re no longer human, and as such, you can turn off your “humanity … [Read More...]